This is the latest CD release from Billy Stapleton. Released in 2006, recorded at Studio North in Lynwood Washington. This is an “All Slide Guitar” CD. Billy has been playing slide since the 70’s and his live slide guitar performances and session work prompted Inter Urban Records President, Ken Latimer to request an all slide format. This CD features a wide variety of slide performance and techniques. Lot’s of chops here folks. Plenty of Blues, electric & acoustic and a few surprises like the movie-esque “On the Prairie” and a super picker version of “Amazing Grace”. The rhythm sections here are super tight and punchy, vocals are performed by NW great John Hodgkin and the legendary Little Bill Engelhart. All song were written, arranged and produced by Billy.    Listen to Music Samples         Get CD

“Got to be a Love” Recorded over almost four years, this “labor of love” CD is a collection of songs written by Billy Stapleton and his writing friends like Lenny Lacks, over a twenty year period. Billy held Little Miltons’ “Blind Man”, Al Koopers’s “More than you’ll ever know” and Lonnie Macks’ album “Glad I’m in the Band” as sacred benchmarks, that inspired the writing, horn parts and Hammod Organ flavors that populate the CD, “Got to be a Love.” Ace sax man Dewey Marlor translated Billy’s ideas into charts. Billy’s friend, room mate and bandmate from Monterey CA playing days, Mark Ross flew to Seattle and provided all Hammond, piano and string parts in a day and a half. Billy was Mark Dufresne’s guitar player for eight years and arranged many of the songs around Dufresne’s three octive range. You can’t really pidegonhole the CD, there is old style rythem & blues, blues, instrumental rockers & R&B Ballads. Recorded at Studio North in Lynwood WA during equipment and studio revamps, this is an ambitious solo recording. Listen to Music Samples         Get CD

A CD literally cut in a day, in 2002, at Don King’s “No Script Studio”. Bandleader, Little Bill Engelhart had rehearsed the band and charted the session well in advance. The CD was the first for the Bluenote’s new lineup. Little Bill on bass & vocals, Bill’s drummer of 40yrs Tom Morgan on drums, harmonica all star Dick Powell, also on keyboards and newcomer to the band Billy Stapleton on guitar and Slide guitar. All the rhythm tracks were cut live in the morning, then vocals and solos were added until about 7pm. High lights are “Grits Ain’t Groceries” “Losing Hand” “Bye Bye Blackbird” & “Lincoln Continental Blues”
*Billy went back and rerecorded his parts (which he loathed) in 2006 with Little Bills blessing. Anyone interested in the “updated” mixes can return the original to Billy for exchange.  Listen to Music Samples         Get CD
This is a spirited one nighter at the Seattle Drum School Lab, in front of a small audience, recorded live. There are 2 other takes from live Little Bill gigs at the Spar. Billy plays on 4 of the CD’s 6 cuts at the “Lab”. Playing a ’63 Gibson Barney Kessel, this is one of Billy’s first recordings and performances after an extensor tendon surgery in early 2004. The other 2 cuts feature Rod Cook on guitar. Get CD
“Have Another Round” The Mark Dufresne Band, featuring Billy Stapleton. Billy played with Dufresne for about eight years. Although the band had enough original material for several CDs, Dufresne chose to only record once with his actual band. Stapleton co-wrote and arranged these gems from the bands’ live repertoire. Dufresne’s witty wordsmithing combined with Kelly Leifer on Bass, Allen Issacson drums and Stapleton’s electric and slide contributions stand as the only recorded evidence of a Seattle Band that won Best Songwriter, Best Band, Best Slide Guitar, Best Electric Guitar and Best Harmonica from the Washington Blues Society.
“Northwest Slide Guitar Showcase” KCBS Radio personality David Samson put together this live concert and recording from the famed Muriel Amphitheater at Bumbershoot 2002. David put the players and format together and used the recording as a pledge/promo premium for patrons and subscribers to KBCS “Worldwide Jazz, Folk & Blues” Dave has faithfully entertained Seattle listeners with his rare and unusual recordings for many years. He is a tireless champion of North West Musicians and their Cds and regularly features live interviews and performances on his show “The Night Shift” ( HYPERLINK "http://www.nightshiftfm.com" www.nightshiftfm.com). The CD Features Northwest Great, Steve Bailey on vocals, slide and harmonica. Doug Kearney “Louisiana Lightnin’” on vocals and slide guitar and Slide Guitar Great Billy Stapleton on Slide. The tight rhythm section is Allan Issacson on drums and Kelly Leifer on Fender Bass.
“Peace by Peace” This was the first CD that artists who performed at the Seattle Peace Concerts contributed their tracks to promoter Don Glenn to raise funds for the Peace Concerts and the expenses of maintaining the popular all volunteer events. Don, also quite a singer, talked Billy Stapleton into forming a band that could back him at the concerts. Stapleton, a man with a big sense of humor agreed, but only if the musical outfit of all star guests would be called “Don Glenn and His ALL Wombat Orchestra” Glenn agreed, and though the years the Wombats grew in numbers, culminating in the Wombat Big Band, with 2 drummers, one bass player, Hammond organ, harmonica player, 3 female singers, 4 peace horn section, two guitars and Don Glenn. The song “Peace by Peace” is a Stapleton/Glenn original and along with the “I’m a Man” take-off called “Rainbow Man” features all of the Wombats. Great sax solo by Dewey Marler on Peace by Peace, Stapleton smokes on Rainbow Man. Get CD
“Pickin’ Up the Peaces” Tireless Peace activist and promoter Don Glen, has kept the “Peace Concerts” alive every summer since 1986 with at least 5 or 6 concerts a summer. This CD contains studio performances of artists who performed at the concerts, donated their tracks and profits to benefit the ongoing concerts and expenses. The Billy Stapleton Band on #15 is actually the track “Before I go” from his solo CD “Got to Be a Love.” Get CD
“Love & Trouble” Seattle Superpicker Mark Riley’s’ 1999 Solo release, features acoustic and electric originals and covers of Son House, Skip James, Blind Blake & Memphis Slim. Billy Stapleton guests on Track #1 “Better Watch Out” on a National Style “O” resophonic guitar. The session found Billy playing in an A tuning that he had never played before. Mark was the guitarist with “Little Bill& the Bluenotes” before Billy joined the North West Legends’ lineup. Mark and is featured on the hugely successful Little Bill recording “Live at the Spar” Get CD
“Inside the Red Room” Seattle singer songwriter Lara Lavi’s 1997 CD. Billy Stapleton guests on “Solace”. Playing his Frankencaster slide guitar though and old Magnatone amp at Red Room Studios in Seattle, engineered and produced by Maurice Jones Jr. There’s a bit of magic on the track.
“Welcome to Annieville” Seattle blues & Boogie Woogie Pianist Anniville Blues 1998 debut CD features a host of Seattle’s Best musicians as guests and sidemen. The Mark Dufresne Band appears on “Super Vixen”, which Dufresne wrote especially for Annie. Aside from the CD, “Have Another Round”, this is the only other track recorded by the Mark Dufresne Band. Mark, Billy Stapleton, Kelly Liefer & Allen Issacson. A rockin' little number recorded at Raven Humphres’ Black Wing Studio.
“I Don’t Think So” Michael Rain. Singer songwriter Michael; Rains’ 1997 Solo CD. Billy Stapleton guests on “Hypocritical Blues” and plays a 1932 National Style “O” resophonic guitar.